Total Control at Your Fingertips

We will help you create a vision of how everything in your home can be centrally controlled through wired or wireless touch screens, remote controls, a browser over the internet, mobile devices, infrared or voice activated. Once designed, we will implement everything involved to make it a reality.

With more and more smart electronics playing a central role in our daily lives, they deserve an even smarter role at home.

SKYTV Audio Video Automation has the pefect solution, making it possible for virtually any appliance or device in your home to intelligently communicate with another—from locks to lights, doors to drapes—and you the ability to control them, no matter where you are.

It's a Window, not a Wall

SKYTV Audio Video Automation can automate your window treatments so you can be in control. We can program your system to do the following:

  • You want some privacy? Just press a button and your windows shades will close.
  • You want to wake up with sun light? SKYTV Audio Video Automation will program your system so the shades will open at a certain time or in reference to sunrise.
  • Want to watch a movie under darkness at daylight? Just press a button and your shades will close to provide you High Video Quality Screen.
  • You can protect your furniture & fine art from harmful direct sunlight.
  • Controlling your shades can provide you a warm room during the winter or a cool room in summer.

Rule Your Pool

You can be finishing up your movie in your media room and with the touch of a button turn on your landscape lights, select your spa temperature, and turn on your pool speakers. By the time the movie is over, your spa will be ready & waiting for you.

No more running outside to turn on the heater or control the jets. No more running out back to see if the spa is the right temperature. You want to spend time enjoying your pool and spa, and it should be hassle-free. Automating your pool not only saves on your energy costs but also extends equipment life. Together with your pool contractor, we can automate your backyard environments for you and your family.

Not too Hot, Not too Cold

Get it just right. Create a comfortable living environment and help reduce your energy costs by using our integrated control systems to manage the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in your home.

You can have pre-programmed settings that can be used to make sure appropriate temperatures are maintained according to season, time of day or room usage. Keep your home at a more energy efficient temperature while you’re away, and have it programmed to automatically adjust to more comfortable levels by the time you get home.

Getting home early? Use your PDA or PC to control the HVAC remotely and even monitor the wine cellar or greenhouse atrium temperatures.

Wine Inventory Control

This is our most popular product for owners of any size wine cellar. It’s an elegant color touchscreen with all the software and processing power built-in, it includes a database of more than 138,000 bottles.

The included bar code printer creates a bar coded label for each bottle entered into eSommelier. The labels use a special adhesive which leave no residue if removed. Every bottle will have a unique address and identity so you can know exactly what you have and where it's located at any time. You can also control the Temprerature and Humidity of the room.

» View eSommelier video

It's Easy Being Green

At SKYTV Audio Video Automation, we are committed to conserving energy and protecting the environment. So when integrating technology in your home, SKYTV Audio Video Automation chooses products that do more then just create a convenient lifestyle. These products also help conserve energy and money - like flat panel TVs with motion sensing technology to power down when no longer being viewed!

We use home integration products from Crestron that display your home’s energy usage in real-time and then let you make changes individually or preset your house to adjust accordingly.

Even better, we can help you significantly reduce energy usage by automating your thermostats & lights with preset schedules. We set light dimming levels below 100% to conserve power and save you money. Occupancy and photocell sensors can solve that problem by monitoring when no one is in the room & turning off lights for you. With SKYTV Audio Video Automation, it's easy to be green.

Independent Audio and Video for each zone

Total Home Technology from SKYTV Audio Video Automation offers some of the world's best multi-zone distribution systems for whole-house audio and video. Producing the finest sound quality available, professional audio distribution processors deliver audio from any source into as many as 32 separate rooms and areas throughout the home.

Music, movies, TV, Internet - experience multimedia digital entertainment like never before.

Audio Video Distribution & Surround Sound technology delivers a flawless visual and listening experience for the most discerning entertainment desires.

Creating the perfect Ambiance

Lighting is very important for a whole house automation system. You can create a room's ambiance and mood. With lighting controls, you control the lighting in the room you're in or any room in your residence, even from your iPad! We can create scenes like: Romantic, Party, Movie, Reading or All lights On/Off, just any scene that you can think of with one touch of a button. We also program daily scenes to fit your lifestyle based on sunrise and sunset of fixed times.

SKYTV Audio Video Automation has provided advanced, reliable lighting control and dimming systems for more than twenty years. Essential to any home, family of lighting products include a variety of dimmer modules that allow dimming of incandescent, magnetic low voltage, and electronic low voltage for total flexibility in lighting design. Also available are a host of specialized switches and motor controllers for on/off switching and control of motors for screens and drapes, ceiling fans, projector lifts and more.

Your own Cinema at Home

To get the most out of your engineered theater investment, you need more than a large screen picture and a pile of remotes. Instead, imagine tapping the "Start Movie" button on a touchpanel to automatically dim the lights, draw the drapes, and lower the screen and projector, while the move you've selected from the DVD jukebox starts to play.

Using the same touchpanel, adjust the room temperature and zoom in to view and listen to your baby with the nursery camera for your peace of mind.

SKYTV Audio Video Automation provide the total solution, including professional surround sound processors and amplifiers.


Want the lights to dim right when you play the movie? Perhaps you desire a tiered seating theater and a genuine box office complete with marquee. Whatever you envision, SKYTV Audio Video Automation's experienced team of CEDIA certified designers and installers can bring your ideas from concept to reality and create a theater experience that looks & sounds better than any theater at your local Cineplex, all in the comfort of your own home.

Recreating an authentic movie experience is about more than just providing a giant screen and giant sound. Creating a high performance home theater involves imaginative space planning, theatrical lighting, precise acoustics, and unparalleled comfort.

SKYTV Audio Video Automation will manage every detail of your home theater to make it your favorite room in the house.

Multi-Purpose Room

Transform your family room into a complete sensory environment where TV and movies come alive. Enjoy it as a multi-function space where you can watch movies & TV, play video games, listen to music, entertain guests, and surf the Internet.

Components and wires are hidden. No more messy pile of remotes. Just one easy-to-use controller that does everything. Beyond controlling the TV and music, this sophisticated device also manages the lighting, window shades, temperature, alarm, access gates/doors, pools and much more.

Our designers can get you started by analyzing the specifics of the room and developing a plan that is custom fitted for your home. Maybe you've got extra high vaulted ceilings with marble flooring or an irregular shaped room with large windows and sunlight to contend with. Whatever the case, as certified programmers for automated systems, Niles and Universal, SKYTV Audio Video Automation can ensure a cutting edge media experience designed specifically for you.


Nothing says ultimate entertainment than being able to enjoy movies with friends and family in your very own backyard! Home theaters are not limited to the inside of your house anymore. Your outdoors can be the oasis for year-round movie nights, pool parties or even just to watch the game under the stars. With your ideas and the help of our design team, we can create a cinema experience perfect for your backyard, cabana or loggia. While working worldwide, we are accustomed to carefully planning for all weather elements and our designs guarantee hidden, protected equipment and jaw-dropping picture & sound! From drop-down projectors, electric screens, speakers that look like lights and flat panels with lifts to underground subwoofers, anything is possible to build the ultimate outdoor theater.

Be the envy of all your neighbors and turn your backyard into your very own outdoor cinema!


Eliminate remote control clutter! We help you choose the touch panel option that suits your lifestyle & application. Our expert programmers will design a one-touch interface to automate and simplify your home theater. Your interface will be configured so that anybody can sit and start watching a movie without any instruction or frustration. It’s like a remote on steroids. This sophisticated device can manage all of your local components and home systems: video, music, lighting, environmental controls, alarm, window shades, access gates/doors, pools and much more. It’s extremely easy to use, and that’s what really matters, right?


You've invested a lot of time, effort, and money into the equipment of your new home theater. Don't let all of that go to waste by not maximizing the acoustics of the room.

You should feel as though you're "in" the movie, and not just an outsider looking in. Speech should always be intelligible and sound effects should be crisp and clear... not muddy or thin.

Perhaps the most overlooked component of a well designed system is the room itself. Sound can bounce around a room much like a Ping-Pong ball. When it hits a hard surface (like a wall) it bounces back and when it hits a soft surface (like carpet) it slows down or stops (like a sponge). Properly designed and installed acoustical treatments can make all the difference in your next home theater or media room.

We coordinate and design with acoustic panels, treatments & fabrics that come in an array of colors and choices to create a completely custom theater just for you.

Close Captioned TV (CCTV) monitoring

The ability to control and monitor security is one of the most fundamental requirements of any home today. Home technology provides peace of mind by allowing homeowners to monitor all surveillance cameras and motion detectors around their property. They also report any window or door left ajar, or arm/disarm an entire system at once - or zone by zone - all with a single command.

Add enhanced protection and convenience to your security system. You can go keyless, or custom-configure your door locks to trigger automatically as part of a goodnight or welcome home scene that also includes lights, security systems, garage doors, and even your heating and air conditioning. There are locks that install in minutes and are easily managed from any internet connection to give you a little extra peace of mind.

Intelligent Homes

With more than 20 years under our belt initially coming from the technology industry, we are well equipped to make your home as intelligent as possible, and at the same time, give you all the computer technology support possible.

We can setup a wired or wireless network within your home to allow all members of your family to have access to the internet. With the advent of file sharing we will help you to access not only data filed between computers by allow the sharing of pictures, video, audio and a multitude of other media sources. Also share printers, scanners and various other peripherals.

Out of Sight Technology

You want your new home to be absolutely perfect. You spend time and energy on every detail, including the aesthetics. It's not too much to ask that your new equipment should fit seamlessly with the look of your home.

For years, SKYTV Audio Video Automation has been a pioneer in creating innovative ways of making sure the speakers can be heard, but not seen. The equipment is operable, easy to use, but out of mind. Now with the advancements made by our manufacturer partners, we are able to deliver more possibilities than ever to keep the components of your system out of sight and out of mind.

Absolute Planning

Proper planning is the key ingredient for a successful project. And for proper planning you need constant communication and skilled engineering. SKYTV Audio Video Automation has built its reputation by designing systems that are planned to the finest detail. We are involved in your project from start to finish, attending to all of its unique details along the way by:

  • Providing comprehensive drawings & designs.
  • Educating you and offering up-to-date insight on technology trends .
  • Coordinating with contractors, designers and architects.

Our experienced staff of designers and engineers works hand-in-hand to dispose of grey-areas and deliver your project on time and on budget.

Sample Diagramms:

More than Just a Phone

Full featured communication systems can do so much more than the ordinary phone:

  • Teleconferencing
  • Voicemail for all family members
  • Custom line ringing
  • Call forwarding
  • Do-not-disturb functions
  • System speed dialing
  • Caller id and more!

Even more exciting, whatever you can automate, your phone can control. The possibilities are endless:

  • Remotely control your entry gate
  • Dim the lights or close the curtains in your home
  • Open an automatic pet door to let the dog out
  • Begin playing music to welcome you when you walk in the door

And gone are the days of the in-wall intercom. Use your phone to:

  • Speak with whomever is at your front door from any room in your home
  • Easily locate other family members or talk between rooms
  • Check on the baby’s room, activity in the kitchen or who’s swimming in the pool

Whether its a simple single line phone, fax or a completely integrated multiple line system, we can design and install the system that fits your needs, including any options available from Panasonic’s advanced hybrid or digital systems.

Lose the Keys

No need to take your house key with you to walk the dog or go for a run. We can make it easy to have a secure, keyless, convenient home. For years, SKYTV Audio Video Automation has specialized in outfitting high-end homes and estates with access devices. We are experts in working with contractors to ensure the correct layout of points of access, entry & exit, for your property. Whether you need multiple gates and doors being controlled from inside or out, or a simple stand-alone device, we have the engineered ideas to meet your needs.

We can also provide you with time restriction codes so that your nanny’s code only works from 8-4pm, or your pool man & gardener's from 10-2pm. And even better, if you happen to hire or fire – only their code needs to be changed, not yours. From keypads to exit buttons, from RF controls to card readers, you will never have to remember your keys again.

Be the Brightest Bulb

As integrators, part of our job is to eliminate wall clutter. Gone are the days with a thermostat, alarm keypad & multiple lights switches ganged-up on the wall. And gone are the nights of lying in bed and wondering, "Did I turn off the kitchen lights?" Lighting control may very well be the most important part of your integrated home. In coordination with our partners, we help to make your lighting integration simple, painless and save you money. There are many challenges in designing and constructing a lighting and automation system, but with our expertise and unlimited products, we can offer the flexibility and dependability required for your home’s one-of-a-kind solution.

Whether it is new construction or retrofit, we can integrate any light switch in your home to be programmed on your remote controls, keypads or touch panels.

Old or New, Anything is Possible

SKYTV Audio Video Automation offers a comprehensive line of user interfaces for lighting and dimming control for both new construction & retrofit homes. Our design experts specialize in creating unique lighting control systems that reflect the needs of each homeowner and household. With control over your lighting, you can enhance the enjoyment and value of your home, decrease energy costs, and add security for your peace of mind.

Every lighting system is completely modular and scalable, and there is no limit to the number or types of devices. Your system can grow as needed to accommodate any last minute changes and future expansion, adding lights and rooms as you desire. We also have the ability to make modifications remotely or update via the Internet.

Low voltage wiring and/or RF (Radio Frequency) control can be used throughout a wide range of system design scenarios, by either using traditional high voltage wiring or low voltage keypad systems. We are able to offer wireless RF devices providing a simple retrofit solution to expand existing systems.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Have a room in your house where a TV just simply does not fit or lend to the décor? Thinking a mirror would be better over the fireplace or mantel instead of a TV? Well, we have a solution: it’s not just a mirror, it’s not just a TV... it’s a Mirror TV! Partnering with our good friends at SÉURA, we offer a wide range of sizes & fully customized Mirror TVs. You can take advantage of this technology in your master bedroom, in your living room or even in your shower! SÉURA TV Mirrors deliver a flawless combination of television brightness and quality-perfect mirror reflection. While offering a full 1080p high-definition picture, your mirror can be any design. We work with your designer and architect to ensure everyone is satisfied!

Now you see it, Now you don't

We understand that sometimes you don’t want to see your new flat screen. Certain areas just don’t look great with a TV on the wall, speakers in the ceiling, or a projector in the room. That’s where motorized lifts can help. Have a TV pop-up at the foot of the bed. Have a speaker drop-down and pivot to the correct listening spot. Lifts and drops conceal and reveal almost anything including flat screen televisions, speakers, projection systems, computers, art panels, and much, much more.

Go Ahead and Stare

You're not going to find where that sound is coming from. That's because your speakers are nowhere to be seen. Hidden audio technology has become overwhelmingly popular in the architectural & design community. While still delivering dynamic full range audio, invisible speakers and subwoofers are installed in the ceiling or wall, or covered behind wallpaper or fabric. Invisible speakers are a great solution that won’t compromise the look of the room and will keep your designer happy!

Ding-Dong The Old Switch is Dead

The new switch options provided by TRUFIG are truly amazing. TRUFIG new flush-mounting solutions replace the traditional protruding wall interfaces, keypads, jacks and touch panels. These new innovations are winning over homeowners, architects & designers across the country!

As TRUFIG dealers, we share the philosophy of "stealth & perfection" in the smallest detail, as well as a systematic approach to simple design. SKYTV Audio Video Automation experts are happy to collaborate with architects, designers and contractors to offer them innovative ideas to make your house seamless and just right.

Get the Attention you Deserve

Schedule an appointment at our design center so that you can experience new technologies first hand. Or plan a consultation with us in your home. Let our experts create a custom technology solution that is perfect for you & your entire family.

Once you join our SKYTV Audio Video Automation family, from that day forward we become your one-stop shop for answers and support. We are a 100% referral-only business, with long-term client relationships spanning over many years and multiple projects. We have achieved this over the years by being available to our clients. We offer on-call service on weekends and holidays, and have 24/7 emergency voicemail. You are that important to us.

Triple-Double Check

Detailed planning and precise engineering equal a successful installation. Before we ever step foot in your home for the installation, we invest our time in-house attending to project details and communicating with you. Thus, a large part of the installation is actually handled in our facilities, from documentation and programming to AV rack assembly and equipment testing. We do this to ensure we can always deliver on-time and on-budget. Always engineering for future possibilities, we constantly "triple-double check" ourselves to make sure we never overlook any small detail. This practice helps to expedite the entire installation process and eliminate potential problems that can arise on site. As the saying goes, "Measure twice, cut once." It works for us.

Get It in Writing

SKYTV Audio Video Automation can provide a completely detailed schematic engineering package that documents every aspect of your installation:

  • AV rack elevations & connections
  • Theater site lines, elevations & 3D renderings
  • Distributed AV cabling infrastructure & legend
  • Conduit & power requirements
  • Detailed device locations & more…

These documents are truly valuable & have been proven to expedite the entire construction & installation process. They are consistently praised by architects & builders for their detail & time savings. Documentation is a great tool to facilitate any future expansion or service.

Absolute Audio/Video Control

We can design a "State of the Art" distributed AV system, with the latest Technology, providing endless possibilities. Listen to your favorite iPod playlist in any room while setting the mood with XM satellite radio in another, even outdoors by the pool. You can access your iPod and view artist, cover art & track info from your favorite CD on your remotes & in-wall touch screens or even on your iPad.

Access all of your cable boxes, DVR's or your Media Server from any TV. We use a Fiber Optic High Definition Video Distribution system, not only for today's High Definition, but for the future too! You can also view all your CCTV cameras in any TV in the house. And finally, show all your family photos & videos on any screen in the house.







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